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How do I uninstall ePADD?

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asked Aug 24, 2015 by anonymous

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IMPORTANT: Please ensure that you have made backups of any email messages you wish to retain!

First, close any ePADD windows open in your browser. Next, ensure ePADD is not running in the background. You can right-click on the application in your Windows Taskbar (or OSX Finder Toolbar on Mac) to quit ePADD. Finally, delete the ePADD folders, which should be installed in your user directory. These folders may include epadd-settings, epadd-appraisal, epadd-processing, epadd-discovery, and epadd-delivery. ePADD has now been uninstalled from your system.

answered Aug 24, 2015 by Josh_Schneider (5,040 points)
ePADD is a software package developed by Stanford University's Special Collections & University Archives that supports archival processes around the appraisal, ingest, processing, discovery, and delivery of email archives.