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Are there plans to enable ePADD to display unredacted emails?

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Dear ePADD team,
We're exploring the possibility of using ePADD for the management of an archive of 200,000 emails at the University of Manchester Library, and have a current project which requires the display of the full content of 100 emails.
It's my understanding that ePADD doesn't currently allow for the display unredacted emails, are there any plans to include this functionality in a later upgrade?
Would you be able to advise on whether it would be prohibitively complicated to explore adapting the software ourselves?
Many thanks, any advice gratefully received!

asked May 15, 2019 by JessicaSmith (120 points)

1 Answer

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Hi Jessica,

ePADD Discovery, designed to be mounted on a publicly accessible web server, does not currently support providing access to non-redacted messages/attachments.

However, ePADD Delivery, designed to be accessed from a secured workstation in a repository's reading room (or the equivalent), supports providing full access to all (non-restricted) messages, including attachments.

We have discussed the possibility of enabling users to mount ePADD Delivery to a public web server, in cases where all of the mail and attachments can be accessed without restriction. But we have not implemented this -- please let us know if this is a direction you would like to pursue. As our current grant support ended in February, we are currently unable to pursue this development work on our own.



answered May 20, 2019 by Josh_Schneider (5,040 points)
ePADD is a software package developed by Stanford University's Special Collections & University Archives that supports archival processes around the appraisal, ingest, processing, discovery, and delivery of email archives.