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Error when importing converted PSTs

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I'm testing an instance of ePADD, and I've been trying to import some test Outlook accounts. I converted them with readpst. The first import worked, but subsequent imports error out. I can get past the screen where you select folders to import/see the number of messages per folder, but partway through the actual import I see a general error notice and a log I'm supposed to send to the ePADD team.

So far I've tried importing a different Outlook account, using a different converter (demo version of Emailchemy), using a smaller number of emails, removing emails with attachments, and restarting the computer/ePADD. I get the same error each time.

The successful import was 116 emails, and none of the subsequent imports had more than 300 emails. File sizes were all less than .5 GB.

Has anyone else run into this? I want to make sure I can fix this, and avoid it in the future.

asked Dec 5 by tmaches (120 points)

1 Answer

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A few people reported having issues with the files converted using readpst. We use emailchemy, Aid4mail with satisfactory results.

answered Dec 5 by Peter_Chan (2,650 points)

Thanks! I thought that might be the problem, so I tried the demo of Emailchemy, and the same thing happened. Is there anything else that might cause all imports after the first one to fail?

Could you try Aid4mail? What version of epadd are you using and how much ram you have in your machine? Win or Mac?

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