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Outgoing messages count shown zero

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I am trying to use the ePADD system for achieving email in my university. When I upload a sample “.mbox” file (that created through Gmail) even there the number of outgoing messages, the list does not show the numbers.
The numbers display in “Incoming messages” and “Mentions” columns are fine and correct. (See the attachment)

If possible, can you upload a sample “.mbox” file and I can go through it and understand the differences?

P.S. I am still in the appraisal module.

asked Jul 10, 2018 by Charmal

1 Answer

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Just to confirm: you have exported email from Gmail using Google Takeout, and the mail you have exported (and imported into ePADD) includes sent mail?

answered Jul 10, 2018 by Josh_Schneider (5,040 points)

Yeah, exactly the way you described here.

Did you specify the owner of the email archive? This is the most common reason why you would run into the issue that you have identified.

Thank you very much. It works.

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