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Can't export from Appraisal to Processing

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Hi all, I'm new at this, so please be gentle. Not sure what sort of diagnostic information I'm supposed to submit along with my Q.

So every time I try to export an archive from Appraisal to Processing, I get this error:

Sorry, error exporting archive: Destination 'T:\Digitization\Coburn\ePADD archive of \lexicons' directory cannot be created. Please see the log file for more details. ePADD archive exported to: T:\Digitization\Coburn\ePADD archive of 

The contents of the output folder at the time the process terminates are:

 *- ePADD archive of/
     *- lexicons/

Much to my disappointment, lexicons/ is always empty. What's up with that?

-------> OS: Windows 10 Enterprise 2016 LTSB
-------> RAM: 16 GB
-------> EPADD: ePADD version Release 5.0 (Feb 28, 2018)
-------> Available space: 122 GB
-------> Archive size: 80.5 MB (~50k emails)

asked Apr 19, 2018 by Patrick
edited Apr 25, 2018

1 Answer

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Please provide the following information:

  1. operating system & version
  2. ram in your computer
  3. epadd version
  4. available space in the drive you want to export
  5. how big is your archive
answered Apr 19, 2018 by Peter_Chan (2,770 points)

Could you email me at to arrange a video meeting to look into your problem?

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