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How do I delete an archive from the Appraisal mode?

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I've exported my my archive to the Processing mode, now I would like to delete the archive I was appraising so I will have a fresh work space for my next appraisal. I tried to find this,

"Note to Archivist: Once you have confirmed that the archive imports successfully into the Processing Module, you may wish to delete the archive from your workstation to ensure a fresh start when appraising a new email archive. You can do so from within ePADD on the workstation used for Appraisal by navigating to the Option Menu, under Settings, selecting the“Delete Archive” button, and refreshing your browser. After the email archive has been exported, you may wish to run a virus scan and remove any quarantined viruses on the workstation used to accession materials as additional precaution. (ePADD does not itself include a virus scan).
Users can also choose to only export attachments according to various search criteria from this Exports screen."

I haven't had any luck finding an Options tab. I am using the latest version of ePADD, I believe version 2.0.

Thank you.

asked Mar 14, 2018 by Emily

1 Answer

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Hi Emily,

The latest version is 5.0; please make sure you're running that version.

All you need to do now to delete an archive from Appraisal is manually delete the Appraisal folder. We've updated the user guide to remove that outdated info. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!


answered Mar 14, 2018 by Josh_Schneider (5,040 points)
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