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Editing correspondents and entity analysis

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Is it necessary to edit correspondents BEFORE performing entity analysis? Right now, I have not edited any correspondents and it appears no person or other entities have been indexed so I’m assuming I must edit correspondents first. This isn't really clear in the user guide.

asked Nov 2, 2017 by adamsabi (180 points)

1 Answer

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Hi Abby,

This is not related to editing correspondents. In most cases, this is indicative of an incomplete installation. Please ensure that the epadd-settings folder was completely installed in the correct location and let us know if you are still having an issue.

Thanks so much,

Josh Schneider
ePADD Community Manager

answered Nov 2, 2017 by Josh_Schneider (5,040 points)

Once I re-ran entity recognition, this solved the problem. Thanks!

I went and checked to see if the epadd-settings had been unzipped into the right user directory, and it has so I'm not sure what might be wrong with my installation.

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