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Error with entities

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Hi- ePADD doesn't seem to be recognizing any Person entities, and gives me the following error when trying to view "Other Entities": Sorry! ePADD error. Please see the debug log, and email it to Peter Chan, We'll get back to you as soon as possible.
Error code:500 type: class java.lang.NullPointerException

I saw a question about a similar problem- does my situation (with the error message) sound like the installation was not complete? Thanks!

asked Jul 10, 2017 by Laura

1 Answer

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Make sure the epadd-settings folder is correct.

answered Jul 10, 2017 by Peter_Chan (2,770 points)

I am having this same problem. I verified the settings folder was complete and correct and in the same location at the epadd-appraisal, epadd-processing, etc folders. I deleted the settings folder and downloaded it again for safe measure, but still epadd did not recognize entities. I waited for a week, went back and told epadd to re-recognize entities in the appraisal mode, but it still gives me an error message which I have saved as a word doc. It can be viewed here

I have had the settings issue in the past, but I really think that is not the case this time.

Could you do the following:
1. You are using an old version of ePADD (3.1). Please download the latest version 4.1
2. show me an image of the folder structure (include home folder and epadd-settings)
3. show me an image of the properties (size and no of files) of the epadd-settings folder under your home folder

Thank you. Here is the link to the error report I get now in v 4.1 and the images you requested. The epadd folders are in the same location as when I successfully captured 2 other email accts recently and did not have a problem with entities. The epadd .exe file and the .jar file as well as a second copy of the settings folder are living in my downloads folder. That also has not change since I captured the other 2 people's email accts.

I noticed a spot in the log and the 3.1 log that said something about loading the archive or the archive not being loaded. I don't understand that fully, but it makes me wondering if something went wrong during capture. When I look in C:\Users\acobourn\epadd-appraisal\user\blobs I do not see the files starting with that I should see. Instead I see only the email attachments. However, if I search in the C:\Users\acobourn\epadd-appraisal\user\blobs folder for "mary" I find some files with this name, but when I open them in notepad or word I just see symbols instead of words. I think this is the cause of my issue. If you agree, do you have a guess 1. as to why this happened, and 2. if it is fixable (I'm guessing not). I wondered if maybe it was an encoding issue, but there aren't as many of those files as there should be so then maybe it is just an issue of incomplete data capture. But in that case, where is the data im seeing in appraisal coming from?

I am still able to view the emails in the appraisal module, so the content is stored somewhere.

How much RAM do you have in your machine?

8 GB of RAM. In My Computer I have 169 GB of 235 GB free on the hard drive.

8.00 GB of RAM
In My computer it looks like I have 169 GB of 235 GB free on the hard drive.

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