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Still not working.

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On a windows machine, I tried to add in the following directory c:\users\userid\epadd-settings. contains:

Moved epadd-appraisal to d:\epadd\data\epadd-appraisal
Restarted the service.
I see it creates c:\user\userid\epadd-appraisal directory
from the log:
28 Mar 15:15:18 JSPHelper INFO - epadd vRelease 3.0 (March 5, 2017) is running
28 Mar 15:15:18 JSPHelper INFO - Trying to read archive from C:\Users\userid\epadd-appraisal\user

How do I get it to read from d:\epadd\data\epadd-appraisal directory? is still in the epadd-settings directory. I tried deleting it but same result still trying to read the archive from c:\users\userid\epadd-appraisal.

asked Apr 4, 2017 by anonymous

1 Answer

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Please right-click the file you created;
Goto Details and check the Name of the file.

If the name of the file is,
you will need to edit the name so that when you see the name in the tab, it is

answered Apr 5, 2017 by Peter_Chan (2,770 points)
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