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Application icon not appearing in taskbar

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The user guide says: "Upon running ePADD, the application icon will appear in the Windows Taskbar. Right-click on this icon at any point to open an ePADD window or to quit ePADD."

This is not appearing for me (Windows 7). The result is that if you close your browser window, starting the application has no effect. I figured out that the workaround is to choose the localhost address in the browser, so it's a minor issue.

asked Jul 7, 2015 by tim.hutchinson (350 points)

2 Answers

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After you launch ePADD, a new browser window (http://localhost:9099/epadd/index.jsp) should appear automatically in your default browser. Did you see that?
Depends on your Windows environments, the application may appear in the "hidden icons". If that is the case, you will need to open the hidden icons to see ePADD.

answered Jul 8, 2015 by Peter_Chan (2,770 points)
selected Jul 8, 2015 by tim.hutchinson

That was it, thanks. I had no problem finding the browser window (it either opened as a new window if FF wasn't open, or a new tab), but it turns out the icon was hidden.

Updated user guide to reflect icon may initially be hidden from view.

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Thank you for documenting this. We are looking at this issue in more detail and will post here when we have an update.

answered Jul 7, 2015 by Josh_Schneider (5,040 points)
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