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no json returned?

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Hi -

I'm importing a new set of MBOXs for appraisal. I initially tried to load MBOXs located in three directories into ePADD and received a No JSON Returned error (sshot attached). I wondered if it had to do with the aggregate size of the files, so I attempted an import using just one of the three directories (aggregate size ~ 1/2 of what I've managed to work with in ePADD before...around 340 MB). I received the same error message.

When I quit ePADD and restart, the appraisal module loads with the messages from the imported MBOX files as if no error had been encountered (also attached screenshot). I'm not sure what the error means, or how (or even if) it affects any processes I apply to the messages.

EDIT: Although upon restarting, ePADD appears to be functioning, you can see from the person entity screenshotthat it did not identify any person or place entities.


asked Jun 2, 2016 by laissezfarrell (470 points)
edited Jun 2, 2016 by laissezfarrell

1 Answer

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There is NO persons, organizations and locations entity in your result page. There may be something wrong with your installation. Please make sure you following the installations as stated in 2.2 Installing ePADD in

Delete the epadd-appraisal folder before you try again. If you staill have problems, please send the following info:

  1. OS of your system;
  2. epadd version
  3. print screen of the home folders showing epadd-settings and sub-folders
  4. browser version
answered Jun 6, 2016 by Peter_Chan (2,770 points)

Hi -

This appears to be an issue with our network connection stability. Periodically, the machine seems to drop the connection. If this happens, the error I described occurs. If this doesn't happen (and it does appear to be random, though there could be some trigger, I suppose), the indexing happens as usual. I'm working with our IT support to investigate the networking issues.


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