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Is it possible to store ePADD modules outside of a User's folder?

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Hi -

We're most likely going to start a processing project that will involve a number of people working in shifts on the same shared PC. ePADD, by default, stores its working directories in a user's home folder. Is it possible to have those folders exist in a location accessible by multiple user logins? Does a config file control this?


asked Apr 5, 2016 by laissezfarrell (470 points)

1 Answer

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Hi Farrell,

Offering support for user customization of the location of working directories is on the roadmap, but has unfortunately not yet been implemented.

Thanks for letting us know about this use case to help guide development.



answered Apr 5, 2016 by Josh_Schneider (5,040 points)

Thanks! We have a workaround for now but good to know it's on the map.

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